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Looking for more ideas on to use our delicious Handcrafted Maple Nuts in everyday food or in recipes? Here are some ideas taken from customers on how to use our nuts - Feel free to submit your ideas or recipes to be featured right here. :-)

Add Maple Walnuts to your morning oatmeal and you won't need to add anything else! 

Banana Maple Walnut Bread. Need we say more? 

Chocolate Chip Maple Pecan cookies hot out of the oven are awesome! 

Jamaican Rum Nut Bread we're told is made even MORE delicious with the Maple Walnuts.

Vanilla Yogurt and Maple Walnuts are a winning combination...or any yogurt flavor for that matter. 

Umm...Did someone say Vanilla Ice Cream and Maple Pecans

Crumble either the Maple Pecans or Maple Walnuts over a Michigan salad or any salad, for that matter! Our friends over at Detroit-based farm Brother Nature offer a simply delicious blend of specialty greens that we know the Maple Walnuts go great with firsthand!

Jen from Jen's Fairytale Baked Goods made some amazing scones with our Handcrafted Maple Pecans

Though need some time to try this out, the Maple Cashews sound amazing in some Maple Cashew Butter Cookies.

Click here for the recipe for an amazing Maple Glazed Carrot Dish using the Maple Pecans

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