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Detroit Gourmet Nut Co. is a purveyor of healthy snack products that are made with mostly organic ingredients. “We pride ourselves on using no artificial ingredients, and our products are vegan and gluten-free,” said Darren Irving, co-owner.

“Expanding our production output to keep up with the demand for our products has been a challenge, but by streamlining operations we have been able to meet production goals,” he said. “A major accomplishment was having our products chosen to be sold in Bed Bath & Beyond locations in southeastern Michigan. We also are very proud of being chosen to be a vendor at Eastern Market in Detroit. We are currently creating our expansion plan for 2018.”

Increased sales during 2017 meant allowed the company to achieve its philanthropic goal of donating to nonprofit groups or organizations. “Our focus is on nonprofit groups located in Detroit who help Detroit residents,” Irving said. “Our 2017 ‘Doing Good and Noble Causes’ Awards went to Mercy Education Project and Keep Growing Detroit, two stellar organizations doing great things.”

The company is also reviewing real estate options for a production facility in Detroit. “The growth in the Michigan economy has helped our business prosper this year,” Irving said. “A small business and entrepreneurial tax reduction for startups within the agriculture and food industries would be beneficial.”

Live in the D Interview for 2017 Summertime Ponyride Market series.


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